The Society of Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM) is a national professional body of certified energy managers and auditors in India. SEEM was created in 2005 as a NGO and a non-profit association governed by the laws applicable to charitable institutions for complementing the actions of government agencies.

SEEM evolved a novel initiative through its arm, “The Institute of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Technology (iREACT)” to function as a clearing house on matters related to adopting resource efficiency and cleaner technologies in order to help enterprises to become more financially and environmentally sustainable.

SEEM having an expertise base of more than 600 practicing professionals is a fully competent body for driving resource efficiency improvements and cleaner technology challenges with specific focus on industries sector in India.

What is Resource Efficiency?

  • The Resource Efficiency concept encompasses review of use of raw materials and energy, water, production of waste, adoption of energy efficient as well as renewable energy technologies, recycling of critical materials and cleaner technology innovations
  • Optimized resource usage will boost environmental sustainability and economic growth while reducing resource use across variety of industrial segments.
  • Resource Efficiency efforts can ensure security of supply of natural resources, lead to better control over potential risks related to supply security and price variability of materials and to limit environmental pollution risks and accidents.
  • Further, cost reductions through resource optimization and innovation will pave way for fresh global market opportunities for Indian industrial sector, such as introduction of new products and services, and creation of new jobs.

Discovering the limit to Resource value

“We Help enterprises to reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint; work closely with them to develop smarter, more resource saving solutions and discovering resource value through process optimisation, waste re-use, recycling and byproduct synergy”


A centre of excellence for resource efficiency innovation, transformation and cleaner technology diffusion for supporting inclusive sustainable industrial development


To pursue new knowledge and solutions on matters related to resource efficiency and cleaner technologies


Client Centric: Our approach is focused on client’s unique needs, transforming practices and delivering workable solutions

Excellence:We persistently create better ways of doing the things, provide innovative solutions and build clients capabilities for continual improvement

Professional Expertise and standards:our expertise on resource efficiency is clients gain. We observe utmost professional and ethical standards, preserve client’s confidence and secrecy


We help our clients to improve the resource efficiency and adopt cleaner manufacturing practices, to cultivate a transformational management in enterprises in order to become financially and environmentally more sustainable.

Integrated approach:we look at your entire production process including material flow and cost analysis, water consumption and cost analysis, energy management, waste assessment, heat recovery and Renewable energy application.

Best practice examples: find out from our consultants about the latest technologies that are just right for your industry.

Systematic process analysis:create a solid resource data base for future decision-making

Data Analysis: Gather and analyse data for evaluating your potential for efficiency improvement.

Training:Offer customised training on resource efficiency of production process and subsystems.

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